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Are you looking for someone? Do they owe you money? Need to serve papers for a client? Did your tenant/renter skip out on you? I also help with title searches, locating missing heirs for an estate, and/or genealogical research. I enjoy helping solve those problems for you!


Cut to the chase with license to national proprietary search engines, such as idiCORE and Tracers, with me! 


I provide efficient skip trace and locate reports for whatever you may need. Maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of clients is an absolute. Let me know who you're looking for! You can expect prompt replies and detailed reports.


Mobile notary services available in the metro Atlanta area. Please provide contact information for the signatories in your request, and time frame for completion.


On the Contact Us page, please complete the form with your name, contact information, service request, and payment information if appropriate. I'm looking forward to working with you!



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